Broaden your YouTube reach

Evan Carmichael is a Youtube content creator who creates motivational content designed to help users achieve their potential. He has a youtube channel with over 1.4 million subscribers, and releases new content daily.

Getting in touch with Evan it quickly became apparent that he was extremely passionate about reaching as many people as possible, but also worried that given his schedule he wouldn't have the time to handle such an endeavour alone. He needed a solution that could be as hands-off or hands-on as his schedule allowed, and would deliver high-quality videos to his users.

Getting Started

Sitting down with Evan we decided to target Spanish speaking users initially. Using our proprietary diagnostic tools on his back catalogue we worked to identify the best videos to translate to grow the new channel.

Though we could translate all videos, we make a point of being selective to ensure the new channel grows as quickly as possible by choosing the most relevant content for the audience. This is done by capturing a mix of general video metrics, Creator Studio analytics, and our internal knowledge of demographic trends in each market.

Monitoring Growth

At this point we began translating and uploading videos for Evan. The entire process happened seamlessly with us getting the raw video files, translating them, and handling the uploading. We then survey both user comments, and metrics to gauge the video's reception.


On Evan's translated content we saw:

150,000 +





Like to Dislike Ratio

Higher average percentage viewed compared to other translated videos

Higher Comment to View Ratio

To keep Evan in the loop we compiled both quantitive and qualitative metrics about the channel and sent them to him weekly. That way he'd always be up to speed on where things stood.

Personalized Support

Monitoring comments our team noted how positive the majority of them were, with 15% making specific mention of how great the dubbing quality was. Of the remainder 80% tended to focus on the content of the video itself (suggesting the dubbing was good enough to be a non-factor).

As we'd relay some of the feedback we were seeing to Evan he mentioned how much he wished he could reply and engage with his new audience. As a result we developed an interface through which he could request for us to translate comments using a variety of different criteria, view the translated comments, and submit replies (that we would then translate and post).

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