For your convenience we gathered a list of frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered below, reach out to us at

General Questions

What is unilingo?

A team of people passionate about bringing joy and wonder to non-english speaking viewers. We partner with youtube creators and brands and translate their videos to help reach a global audience.

What is our philosophy?

We believe content comes first but translation is a close second. Creators want to share their ideas with an audience who understands and appreciates them, so when a video is translated, the same ideas are reborn through a different language with an added touch of translator’s own ideas. This is evident in how we view voice actors, translators, audio engineers and everyone else who is involved in translating the video as a co-creator.

Who should translate their videos?

Brands and creators! We work with brands that want to extend their influence to other countries. We also help full-time creators (500K+ subscribers) expand their reach around the world.

What are the benefits of unilingo?

Our clients love us because we handle everything end-to-end; from transcription, translation, voice actors, thumbnail generation, metadata translation, you name it! Creators and brands talk to just one unilingo representative and magically videos are created and released on schedule.

How do I get started?

We're glad you're eager to start! Email and we'll get your new channel set up right away!

Creators and Brands

What goes into the process of translating a video?

In short, a lot! Here’s a quick summary:

  • Transcribe the English video
  • Format the English transcript for voice over (timing, pauses, character names, etc.)
  • Translate the transcript to the new language
  • Schedule one or more voice actors depending on the video
  • Record voices in the studio
  • Edit audio to include music, sound, ambience, etc.
  • Translate English words on the video
  • Edit the video and mix audio
  • Translate metadata like titles and tags
  • Release

Are the translated videos uploaded to my main channel or another one?

We help create a new channel for you that looks just like your main one except in a different language. We found that viewers prefer having a consistent experience.

Who owns the channel?

you are the primary owner of the channel and you give us permission to manage the account.

Who owns the video?

You own all the copyrights to everything including all translated videos and audios.

What is involved in setting up a new channel?

We handle everything but we need a little bit of your help. We’ll handle all visual assets like channel banners, logos, and even video thumbnails. What we need from you are the original photoshop files, but don't sweat it if you don't have it.

How do you decide which videos to translate?

Simple answer: we use data and analytics. Your success means our success which is why we continually improve on video selection. We use things such as:

  • Publicly available statistics on your English video; likes, comments, views, duration, days since upload
  • Privately available statistics from your youtube channel like average view duration, click-through rate, subtitle usage
  • Search trends in the translated language

How often do you release videos?

This depends on you and your budget. We recommend a consistent schedule of at least once a week but the more the better!

Do you translate all my videos?

Yes, eventually, but we translate what we think will perform best first. We aim to please the subscribers on your new channel.

What’s your pricing model?

Each creator’s / channel’s needs are different. for channels that don’t run ads, we charge a monthly fee based on release cadence and video length. For channels that run ads, we take an ad revenue share as well as a monthly maintenance fee for keeping the subscribers engaged.

How does billing work?

We bill you once a month. For channels that depend on ad revenue, we use your AdSense account so ad money goes to you directly and we bill you each month for our share.

What languages are available?

Currently, our main language is Spanish and we’re carefully expanding to other languages.

Who handles comments and community tab posts?

You supply us with a list of your most common replies (in English) and we use those as a template to interact with subscribers. We go one step further by translating your posts from your English community tab and transferring them to the new channel.

What about the on-screen text in my video like my intro and video annotations?

We translate those too! We want to be as close to your original channel which is why we ask for one edit file from one of your videos so we can copy the animations, fonts, colours, etc.

What if I don’t want Unilingo’s branding on my Spanish channel?

We want our listeners to know that Unilingo stands for quality content. Which is why we add our name to the about page. We also add our talent’s names in the description to give them credit. We’re open to discussions on removing these.

Do you keep the same voice actor for my videos?

We keep the same actor for your channel.

What if youtube detects the channel as a copy of the original?

If you have access to content ID, you can add the channel to your CMS. We'll show you how.

How long does it take to grow the channel?

It could take a few weeks or months. However, you can give the new channel a boost by:

  • Posting on your social media
  • Announcing the channel on your main one
  • Changing your main channel banner for 24 hours

What if I need help promoting the translated channel?

Your success means our success which is why we help you promote the new channel using your current one. For example, we help you set up a banner in your main channel announcing the new one, or we give you text copy to send to your subscriber / social media.

Who translates my videos and channel meta-data?

We have a rigorous vetting process where we accept studios and translators that have also worked with brands like Netflix and other movie studios.

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